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I am currently writing a book titled "Inequality - The View From Manywheres." 

The book is about how people comprehend, and experience, two global stories of economic growth and what this means for the future of capitalism and for humanity in the era of global warming. We are consistently bombarded with news and even hard evidence that the super-rich are getting richer, leaving the rest of us behind. At the same time, the lives that many of us now live are richer than was possible for most other people in human history. We’ve never had it so good, but it can often feel like we simply don’t have enough. How do we reconcile these two opposing narratives? And what are the consequences of such a reconciliation for humanity into the future? Answering these questions is the central theme of this book. I argue it is people’s perception of fairness, rather than inequality itself, that is a central driving force behind the vices and virtues of capitalism and the unequal economic development it brings. The book will be delivered to Cambridge University Press by August 2024.

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