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Teaching Philosophy

I value teaching depth of knowledge. I facilitate this goal in a number of ways. In my classes, students learn to engage with the fundamental concepts and ideas of texts and articles. They learn to think critically and creatively. I aim to cultivate an environment where students think about the “big picture” of academic research.


Teaching and research are inseparable. The connections between research and teaching help students to learn how to evaluate and produce social scientific evidence. It encourages them to engage with theoretical and empirical work so they can learn how to assess research at multiple levels of analysis. In the classes I teach, beyond learning how to deconstruct knowledge and to question received wisdom, students must also learn how to construct balanced evidence-based arguments from their readings of core texts and articles, develop ways to evaluate research, and to advance academic knowledge through critical and creative thinking. Moreover, in all my lectures and seminars, students learn to think beyond the specifics of each academic study or idea and to locate these central issues within a broad context. Readings in my courses often pull from across the social sciences, from researchers located throughout the world, to inform critical and creative debates on core topics of social, cultural, moral, and political interest.


When I work with students, I encourage them to conduct research and make arguments that are groundbreaking, where they are not afraid to follow the argument where it leads.


Teaching Experience 

Teaching at the University of Copenhagen:

Social Psychology                                                                           (Fall, 2019; 2020 2021; Spring, 2020)

Community Psychology                                                                   (Spring, 2020, 2021; Fall, 2020; 2021)

Qualitative Methods                                                                         (Spring, 2020, 2021; Fall, 2020; 2021)  

Qualitative Methods (B.A.)                                                               (Fall, 2022)

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago:

Political Psychology: Rallies, Riots, & Revolutions                          (Fall, 2017; Winter, 2019)

Remembering and Imagining in Human Development                   (Winter, 2018; Spring, 2019)

Methods that Matter in the Social Sciences                                    (Spring, 2018, Winter, 2019)

Teaching experience throughout PhD:

Lecturer in Mind in Context:                                                            (Spring, 2016, 2018; 2019)                     

Intern lecturer for Mind,                                                                   (Fall, Winter, Spring 2014 & 2015)

T.A. Cultural Psychology                                                                  (Fall, 2013 (BA); Fall, 2014 (MA/PhD))     .

T.A Power & Influence (MBA, Booth School of Business)                (Fall, 2013 – Spring, 2019 (13 classes))

T.A. Negotiations (MBA, Booth School of Business)                        (Fall, 2018)                                                 T.A. Decision Making (MBA, Booth School of Business)                (Winter, 2018)



2020 – Present   Postdoc advisor for Dr. Crystal Shackleford, Cultural Clashes & un-American Activities

2021 – Present   PhD supervisor for Bao-Thi Van Cong, Marginalized Identities  

2020 – Present   PhD supervisor for Thomas Madsen, Cultural Clashes, Gentrification, & Danish Ghettos

2020 – Present   MA advisor for 19 students at the University of Copenhagen

2017 – 2019        BA advisor for four students and MA advisor for one student at the University of Chicago

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